Happy Father’s Day!

Happy Father’s Day to the best Dad in the whole world! It is actually because of my Dad that I got into running and racing. It is because of him that I enjoy running and eating healthy!

As you might have noticed I haven’t been around all that much, I blame school (which will be done very soon). Until school is over I will be posting when I can, I never realized that trying to cram four months of school into two months is rather intense and stressful.

I deal with this stress by running daily and walking a lot, I also have been doing a lot of core and weight workouts while watching Say Yes To The Dress while PB works in the hospital for his nursing clinical, hahaha! (What he doesn’t know won’t hurt him).

Until next time!

Happy Running!


Going Going Gone

That is correct Nike running sign…I will be back later this week(end) to get a few things off my chest that have been bothering me lately (mainly school things, and a few changes I have made).

Until then I will be out running to decompress from the day! Music from Glee will put me in an amazing mood and will make me smile!

Happy Running!

A New Tea

So I have always loved Tazo Awake tea, here is how it is described on their website, “a bold breakfast tea of depth and character, invigorating any time. This eye opening black tea blend has a full, rich flavour, with hints of dark caramel, malt and black cherries. Perfect with milk.”

After every run I would come home and make myself some tea (after have a Green Monster and a shower) and read blogs and news before having to get ready for school.

As of late I have cut out artificial sweeteners, sadly I always knew that it wasn’t the best idea to use them but I kept putting those facts out of my mind. Then came the day that I decided to listen to Skinny Bitch, they have a whole chapter on sugar and in there they talk about artificial sweeteners. After listening to it and reading through the chapter once to get the information solidified in my brain I finally decided that it was time to give up the artificial sweeteners for good!

At first the Awake tea was a little to strong and bitter to have without being artificially sweetened (I know I could just use sugar, but I am also trying to use that a little less too) so I decided to go to another tea that I would have sometimes but have always loved. Tazo Zen tea, here is how it is described on their website, “Zen’s distinct green tea flavour accented with lemon and mint is impossible to express in words. Best simply to experience its sweet  lingering aftertaste.”

When I drink this tea I don’t fee l like it needs any extra sweetener because it is already that way, just like how the website describes it. Now my morning routine is still the same I just grab a cup of this instead of the Awake tea, which I actually started to drink again because I am getting used to the taste without a sweetener (interesting what can change in the course of three weeks).

Question: Do you have a favourite tea? I love the two teas mentioned above, and I also love Tazo Calm and Refresh teas. They are so yummy!

Now I am off to read some of American Wife! I have read some great reviews of this book, go check out Jenna’s reviews here and here. Also see what Iowa Girl Eats has to say here and here.

Happy Running!

Run Run Run

Happy National Running Day!

Will you be running today?

I got up at 5:30 this morning to go for a run before my last test in this set of classes. It was a nice 11C when I left and only made it up to 15C by the time I got home. I went running by the water so there was a great breeze and I was grooving to the music.

I got in an amazing 5 miles in before I had to get ready for my last test and prepare to get the test I wrote yesterday back.

All in all yesterday’s test wasn’t all that bad in the end, I’m very pleased with my final mark. Of course now I am doubting the test I wrote today, it is a never ending cycle (of course until I start with new classes next week and don’t have to write a test for a little while, ha!)

For now I will focus on the positive!

Happy Running!

Sweat Once A Day

For the month of May I did my best to sweat once a day for at least 30 minutes because my local Lululemon store challenged the community to do so. If you want to see the album they put together for participants to track the minutes they sweat go here.


So how did I do? Here is the beginning of the month. I like tracking the days I worked out with stars, it makes me smile!

And here is the rest of the month.

The bottom corner was crowded.

Here were my thoughts on the last day of the challenge. “It has been a fabulous month! I learned that I can push my limits (in a good way) and not injure myself. I ran over 100 miles this month, and did a lot more core strengthening exercises than in previous months! I also learned that getting up at 5:30am five days a week to workout is always worth it!”

So what am I taking away from this? I am going to incorporate a lot more core, arms and leg strengthening exercises into my running routine. This past month I did a lot more core and yoga than I had been doing in the previous months.

Has a local Lululemon or gym ever had a cool challenge like this? What was it?

Happy Running!

Happy Working Song

*I was mistaken, this post didn’t go anywhere and it is up, YAY!*

It’s job announcement time!

At the end of April, during final exams, I had a job interview with a branch of the government. It was completely on a whim because my Mum heard about it at work and e-mailed me to tell me about it, so I applied. I have been looking for a job for the summer for a very long time (I would prefer longer, but school is a full time job on its own, literally). Of course I really wanted a job with the government and I really wanted this job. Every summer they hire summer students and I figured that with the courses I was taking, even though I wasn’t finished the program, I could still look pretty appealing.

I sent in my resume and cover letter and waited to be contacted. I knew that it wouldn’t be until the Monday morning and that I would probably be going in for the interview that afternoon. Of course I spent Sunday night freaking out about what to wear, I actually felt like I had no clothes. You know that feeling?!

Monday morning rolls around and I have everything ready to go just incase. I get up early so I can go for a run so I would be home and showered before 9am when the person who could possibly call me would be in her office. I get a call around 10am asking if I could come in for 1pm, I was so excited that I didn’t just get shoved aside because I didn’t apply sooner.

I get all dressed up, I put on some nice dress pants and a fashionable sweater with a cute necklace and my favourite black heals. I head downtown an arrive a good half hour early (I have this fear that I’ll be late for things so I always end up getting places about 15-30 minutes early).

I walk around for a bit, but after a little while I decide to go to the building. I take a seat in the waiting area when who shows up but my Mum. Until this point I had been able to contain my nerves. The minute my Mum starts talking to me I can feel my nerves building and I was about to cry. I think I was just so overwhelmed with school and this amazing job opportunity coming up at the last minute.

During the interview I felt so confident, something just came over me. I put all the fears I was feeling behind me and stepped up to the challenge. That is until they mentioned that the job was from May-August, that is when my mind went “well crap, you can’t get this at all,” I explained that I was in school until July 9 (which I did mention in my cover letter) and they made a note of that and then we actually continued to talk. We talked about how a full government job interview would unfold and different style of interviews. I was curious and the man interviewing me seemed interested in telling me!

By the end of the week I got a call from the government telling me what I assumed, I didn’t get the job due to my availability….BUT they were actually looking into creating a job for me for July-August. SAY WHAT? Of course she mentioned that it might be a little while until they got back to me because they had to go through a few managers to get a summer position made for me.

Guess what?! I got a call today letting me know that everything had come through and that I got the job, the one that they made for me. How cool is that? It makes me so happy that they wanted me that much to make up a job for me! WOW!

Needless to say I have been doing a happy dance all day! Quietly while I was at school because some of those girls are competitive, and then out loud when I got home!

So that is the new and exciting thing that has come along! Of course I need to finish up the last 6 weeks of semester two and then I will be able to do this new and exciting thing!

Question: How do you over come the nerves before something like a job interview or a race?

I’ve found what works for me is giving myself a pep talk, there is a lot of positive talk and a lot of deep breaths.

Happy Running!

Protein Pancakes

Mmmmm pancakes!

I was introduced to these protein pancakes by Susan over at The Great Balancing Act . She has also recently come up with a Dairy-Free(ish) Protein Pancake recipe. Which I will be making soon for sure!

I have loved these from the moment I tried them! Sadly I haven’t been able to have them in a little while so I decided to have some for dinner! Sometimes I just want breakfast for dinner!

You can never go wrong when there are oats involved! That automatically wins me over!

1/2 cup Rolled Oats

1/2 cup Cottage Cheese

1/2 cup Egg Whites (or 4 Egg Whites)

1 Tbsp Ground Flax

1/4 tsp Baking Powder

1 tsp Vanilla Extract

Cinnamon (I put in tons!)

I put all of the ingredients into my Magic Bullet and blend until smooth (you can use a food processor too)! And then continue like you would with any other pancake, pour batter onto heated frying pan and flip when there are bubbles.

*Note: Sadly I used to be really bad at making pancakes, I know crazy eh?, and PB’s trick to making them with ease is when the edges get all shiny then they are most likely ready to be flipped. Since I was given that tip I haven’t had any problems and make yummy pancakes every time!

Of course no pancake eating experience is whole without some Pure Canadian Maple Syrup!

I used to use the sugar-free kind, which I must say I did love, but about two weeks ago I decided that I wanted to stop eating any and all artificial sweeteners. Surprisingly it has been going really well!

News on job front to come in the morning *Edited to add* The job news will be coming in the afternoon because I wrote a huge post tonight and it is gone, and I kind of want to unplug for the night*!

I Hope You Enjoy These and Happy Running!