Study While You Run?

Visions of accounting were bouncing through my head on my run this morning. That can only be because I have an accounting test on Wednesday and I have to say that I didn’t spend enough time studying for it over the weekend, and I even had Family Day off. I guess I felt bad and because of that all I could think about were debits, credits, and what goes in an Income Statement.

Normally my thoughts are all over the place, but today it was mostly accounting. I listened to a podcast on my run and I am normally so engaged in what the person has to say and I take everything in. Today I realized that I can easily tune out the other person’s voice and do my own thing (no offence to the podcast, I love it dearly, but I have a test coming up!). I think it is differnet when I listen to music because my thoughts will be influenced by the music I listen to, or I will be thinking about something and start singing the song and forget what I was thinking about. Oh the things your brain can do when you are running!

This morning’s run was 6 miles and it was wonderful! I was having one of those moments around mile 5 where I was thinking that it would be nice to stop and start getting ready for school, but out of nowhere something came over me and I just wanted to keep running! Does that ever happen to anyone? It doesn’t happen to me all the time so I decided to roll with it and keep moving forward! It is getting so nice out so I want to take advantage of the weather in case it decides to start snowing buckets.

This is not what I look like when I run, there are no coloured lines behind me and it isn’t that nice out yet. [Source]

You might be asking “why is this blog called Happy (Running) Thoughts?” Here is my reason…I love running, and I love talking about running and what I think about while I am running. At the same time I think about a lot of other things and do a lot of other things on a daily basis. I cook, read, go to school, find ways to balance school work and play, bike, laugh, spend time with people I love, walk, bake, do yoga, have happy thoughts and SO much more! I want to share all my Happy Thoughts with everyone!

What do you find yourself thinking about the most during a run?

In all honesty the majority of my thoughts are on the run and the music or podcast I am listening to. I also plan my day, make to do lists, think about groceries, drool over a recipe I saw on a blog and think about what I need to do to make it, and I think about how to catch up with my boyfriend because he is so far ahead of me!

Happy Running!

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