Everyday Things

I’ve had a very productive day! I have done some homework, I have a cheesecake cooling in the fridge for the Canada vs. USA hockey game tonight, I have made a bulgur and shrimp salad for dinner tonight, I did some readings for school, and I have also gotten some yoga for runners in. WOW! I feel like I’ve done a lot today! I felt as though there was some time for procrastinating so I put together pictures of the magnetic board I have in my bedroom. I also added links to the articles (if I could find them) so you can see what stretches I like to do!

This is the magnetic board that is in my bedroom. It is filled with suggested stretched for runners, how to use a foam roller, different kinds of push-ups (I love pushups!), a serene picture of a woman running, a red velvet cupcake recipe which I haven’t made yet but really want to do sometime, pictures I love, and of course many magnets that I love!

Flexibility Routine is from Runner’s World magazine (in the picture below), the link has a video and the names of the stretches and pictures. The only stretch that isn’t featured that I love for after a run is Downward Dog, it really loosens up my hamstrings.
The foam-rolling article called Fix the Kinks is from Women’s Health magazine and it was great to find that around the time I bought a foam roller. The Flex Time article is full of suggested stretches for calves, quads, hamstrings and glutes.

I have a strength routine from Runner’s World magazine on here too, it’s called Quick and Strong (which I cannot find to save my life, but maybe someone else will have better luck. It is a strength routine that is quick and works really well. I just have to make time to do it.

I cut this Red Velvet Cupcake out of Runner’s World magazine in hope of making it one day. It will happen, my plan was to make them for Valentine’s Day…it never happened. Maybe they will be a nice spring treat.

I love this magnet, “Nothing is more beautiful than the love that has weathered the storms of life.” – Jerome K. Jerome (that is such a cute couple, holding hands and naked, so cute!)

This quote is here to remind me just how powerful I am. If I am ever feeling down on myself I go and read this quote and then say it a few times and then I feel super strong and ready to kick ass!
Happy Running!

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