I’m Supposed To Be Reading?


It is reading week! I forgot what it was like to have a break in the middle of the school semester for no reason, well other than to read and catch up on work. There are some school things that I need to do this week, but they won’t take long. I have a meeting/interview this afternoon with an office administrator and two classmates. Other than that I want to get ahead in a few classes, the computer classes, so I can use that time during the weeks to come for accounting. Other than that I will be watching Gossip Girl season 2, relaxing, reading for pleasure, and catching up with friends over coffee.

I also plan on using this week to stretch out my tight muscles with some yoga. As I was reading blogs this morning and I got really excited when Tina over at Carrots ‘n’ Cake announced a Yoga Challenge that has you setting your own rules for how much yoga you do. I love this because some weeks I could do yoga five days a week, on the other hand, there are some weeks where twice a week for 20 minutes is all I need or want to do.

Here is what Tina has to say…

“This year, if you would like to participate, I encourage you to set your own goal(s) for the Yoga Challenge. So, if you already regularly practice yoga, you might want to challenge yourself to practice everyday for the month of March. However, if you’ve never done yoga or don’t practice frequently, maybe you will challenge yourself to fitting in one session per week. It’s totally up to you!”

I love Tara Stiles‘ video Run Yoga Run it isn’t even 5 minutes long so it is something that you can do quickly in the morning after a run before work/school.

Speaking of running and yoga I think I will head down to Lululemon this afternoon, I saw some of the new product that they got over the weekend and there is some great new running stuff. I am in love with the Empower Crop, at the same time I am starting to look at shorts now that the weather is starting to finally be less snow filled.

For now I am going to enjoy my tea and some yoga poses to loosen my tight, yet happy, muscles after my hour run this morning. I have missed running outside and I am so happy to be back out there again!

Happy Running and Yoga-ing!

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