Music vs. Podcasts

What do you listen to when you run? I normally listen to music, the kind of music all depends of what kind of run it is, either way it keeps me motivated to continue moving forward. On the other hand, sometimes I love listening to podcasts, hearing what other people have to say about running, nutrition and life in general is always interesting to me.

Here are some of the podcasts I listen to:

– Dirt Dawg’s Rambling Diatribe – he loves running, he does marathons and ultras and I love the episodes when he runs with his wife, “Dirty Girl”.
Phedippidations – I have been listening to Steve Runner since 2006, I always save his podcasts for long runs. I can remember running along a long stretch of nothing listening to Steve talk about George Sheehan with such passion and respect, it is something I will always remember.
Run Vegan Run – I just started listening to Megan a few weeks ago and I love her approach to being a vegan and all the information she gives.
Running to Disney – Gordon is hilarious! I am guaranteed a good laugh when I listen to him. The first podcast of his I listened to was “Tips for First Time Marathoners” and it was great to hear all the best friends you need to make: sleep, core training, stretching/yoga…and so on!

I was listening to a podcast this morning and I felt as thought I needed a kick in the butt, I felt like I was lagging during my run. While podcasts are great for long distance running I find that for a shorter run I need some music to kick it into high gear!

Here are some of the songs that helped kick it into high gear this morning:

Some of those tunes have been rotated on and off my playlists forever, Machine Head by Bush has been a favourite of mine…since the mid 1990s.

So now I am back listening to music consistently, but every now and then I love to hear what the above podcasters are talking about, by doing so I feel like I have someone running with me. It’s a nice feeling sometimes.


What are some of your favourite podcasts? What songs have proven time and time again to get you motivated to run, or pick you up during a slump while running.

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Happy Running!

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