My Perfect Morning

“I get up early to run and when I get home I do some yoga stretches for runners. Then I will sit down and read blogs and drink some Awake tea.”

This is a quote from a Goal Worksheet that I filled out for a job application to Lululemon. This morning was one of those perfect mornings. What added to the perfect morning was that it is actually sunny out and it is starting to look a little bit like spring, well except for the fact that every lawn on the block doesn’t have snow and my lawn still does.

I came home to Awake tea, an Adore Glo Bar (these bars from Glo Bakery, made by Angela, are SO yummy!), and lots of blog reading.

Do you see the jar filled with Awake tea in the background, I am just a little bit obsessed.

Here’s how Angela describes the Adore Bar “Do you dream of mouth-watering S’mores roasted over the campfire? Well, now you can enjoy one in a delicious Glo Bar- and it’s vegan to boot! Roasted vegan marshmallows, handmade chunky vegan graham crackers, dark chocolate, and cacao nibs come together to create a Glo Bar filled with love and adoration.” [Source] These bars are just yummy!

On another note, look what I bought the other day….

I haven’t had the opportunity to try it yet, but I am very excited! I love Jillian Michaels’ 30 Day Shred so I knew when I saw this video that it was something I would love! Instead of doing this video this evening I am going to the local Lululemon store to do a 90 minute Yogalates class. I am very excited!! Every time I hear “Yogalates” I think of The OC episode when Seth, Sandy and Ryan keep saying the word (yes I watched the show in high school). The video kind of exaggerates it, but I still find it really funny!! I will report back on how the class went!

Happy Running!

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