Greek Yogurt I Have Found You!

Let me tell you that Kingston is not a place where you can find Greek yogurt easily. I have found the Liberte brand that is decadent and wonderful for dessert. But I have been searching far and wide for one that was 0% or low in fat, I knew it existed.

Turns out it was at my local natural foods store the whole time. I present to you the yummiest yogurt ever! It is so creamy!

Before I went to Yogalates on Thursday night I used this yummy yogurt and some Kashi Toasted Berry Crisp to fuel my Thursday night adventure.

Throw some strawberries and blueberries on top and what do you have? The most delicious quick dinner/snack before a run and 90 minute Yogalates session!

Yummy!! I used 3/4c of yogurt, 3/4c Kashi Toasted Berry Crisp and a few strawberries and blueberries. After eating, doing some accounting homework and reading some blogs I decided that I wanted to run down to Lululemon, the weather has been so beautiful lately, even though it was after 6pm and the sun had gone down it was still wonderful out! It was a quick 2 mile run that took me about 17 minutes and 30 seconds, while running I listened to David Usher’s new CD Wake Up and Say Goodbye (by new I mean fall 2008).

So what did I think of Yogalates? I was so pumped for my run that I was ready for a stretch and core work, and that is exactly what I got. It was great, we did yoga and then some pilates and then some yoga mixed with planks. It was a wonderful 90 minutes! I think the last 20 minutes (at least) was all gentle stretching, and I was so happy to just stretch and get out all the tension.

So what’s on tap for this evening? I am actually singing in a choir concert. I was in this choir all through high school and then left it to go to university and finally joined again after being home for over two years after graduating from university. Of course now I am in the Women’s Choir, and it is a lot of fun! The week leading up to a concert is full of extra practices so I am really looking forward to yoga at Lululemon tomorrow morning!

Before I head off for a night of singing I want to let you know that I am eating something else that is so very yummy!

These Gardein “Chicken” Filets are so good. I just made two of them, they are a nice small size, and have put them in a whole wheat wrap and I am in fake chicken heaven! I found these at Loblaws, there wasn’t much looking involved so that was nice!

I am in food heaven right now! And I cannot wait to sing tonight, and run to and from yoga in the morning.

Happy Running!

4 responses to “Greek Yogurt I Have Found You!

  1. yay for liberty yogurt and fake chicken. 2 of my faves.i'm sure your concert was spectacular!!!

  2. You poor thing having to work so hard to find good Greek yogurt! I'm assuming you don't have a WF or TJ's near? :(I need to try fake chicken! Graduate Meghann make nachos with it the other day and it looked so good!

  3. Kingston, Ontario is void of those lovely stores (I would have to go to Toronto to shop at WF, and that's 2.5 hours away). I wasn't expecting too much with the fake chicken, I had had another brand last week and I wasn't happy…but this stuff rocked my world!

  4. Great blog!!!!! You musn't keep it all hidden away like that! :o)And btw I'm SUPER jealous because I can't find the yogurt anywhere near me. I keep on scouring the supermarkets and nada!

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