Yoga Meltdown

Jillian Michaels is wicked! I have said it before and I will probably spend my whole life saying that her workout videos kick my butt every time! I love her 30 Day Shred but sometimes that is just not what I need at the end of a busy day. Enter Yoga Meltdown….

Here are some shots that I found on Amazon.

Locust pose, eventually Jillian wants you to fold in half….”not really”, she says, but when she says something I think she kind of means it. [Source]

Side T-Planks, you start in Plank and move from side to side doing a T-Plank, and then you hold it. I remember doing a variation of these when I did Angela’s Whittle My Middle II challenge. [Source]

So what did I think? I loved this yoga workout! I did the workout at 8pm on Sunday night, I had half an hour to kill before the Oscars started and this seemed more exciting than doing homework or eating when I wasn’t hungry. I didn’t really know what to expect because 30 Day Shred is intense, and so is Jillian Michaels.

I was so happy with what was in the workout. There is a warm up of mountain pose and moving your arms, and some light chair poses while moving your arms. (I’m sorry if I don’t remember everything, because I know I won’t). Then you have about 25-30 minutes of kick butt yoga. It’s like 30 Day Shred in that she has about 3 sets with different moves within that so you do one chuck of poses and then you move on. There are a few things she always comes back to: a speedy sun salutation (it increases in speed over the course of the workout) and mountain pose.

This video was great because sometimes I want to have my butt kicked and at the same time I wouldn’t mind getting in some Downward Dog to stretch out my hamstrings. Of course I could just do another video and then do some Downward Dog after, but I liked how everything was mixed together!

Moving on to today…I’m looking forward to this evening!! Why?? Because I’m going to Lululemon at 5pm for their Run Lulu Run group! I love running alone, but sometimes I just want to run with others and have some fun while doing so!

Other than that it is all school work and studying. The teachers said that after reading week they start to pile on the work. Well we will see how this week goes, I know I have to write up my informational interview for my writing class, there is always computer class (Work and Excel) chapter work, I have an office procedures test next week (oh and I still have one little internet search assignment to do, yes you read that right, heehee!), and I should probably get reading accounting, doing the exercises would probably help too. Ok so that looks like a lot but I have it covered!

Happy Running!


3 responses to “Yoga Meltdown

  1. Everyone seems to be talking about this DVD lately. I may have to give it a try although for now I'm still doing P90x!Have you ever tried any Rodney Yee Power Yoga DVDs? He's awesome!!

  2. Loved this workout. Burned about 209 calories doing Level 1. The reps of the side planks and Warrior 3 pose were the most difficult for me. I’m terrible at balance and focus when it comes to the yoga poses.

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