Flashback: Running Around Vancouver

Back in the fall of 2007 my Dad and I took my brother, Chris, to school in Nanaimo BC. While we were out there I took every opportunity I had to run, I found it much more pleasant running in BC than in Ontario in September. I took a lot of pictures and I wanted to share a few with you!

This is what I saw when I was just getting onto the Loins Gate Bridge. It was a very busy place to run but at the same time it was so beautiful that I barely noticed the cars. Just in case you were wondering…yes I did stay on my side, but at the same time I don’t remember any bikers so I was good!

On the bridge they have little look out points and that is where I took this picture from. It was unbelievably breathtaking and I know I want to go back out west some day soon!

Of course I tried to take some pictures of myself, but of course any picture I take when I’m out running is never all that flattering, but at least there are beautiful backgrounds.

The one thing I loved about my runs out west was that wherever I ran it was always green and rarely felt like I was running in a big city.

I just wanted to share some pictures of other places I have run! Once it starts looking remotely nice here (which it is starting to do) I will go for a run with my camera and show you guys what it is like where I live.

I have (re)discovered that I am not a fan of Day Light Savings time, I would have to say the springing ahead is the one I do not like (I’m all for falling back!). I had a hard time falling asleep, I think that it was stress mixed with trying to get to bed so I could get up early today. Regardless of the restless sleep I feel rested and had an awesome, short, run this morning. I’ve got the 5k running group at Lululemon this evening so I wasn’t going to do anything crazy, I just ended up splitting today’s normal distance up.

I have found a way to not stress about school, just schedule homework in every open moment you have:

I love how you can’t see any/all of my scheduled running and yoga because it has to be so early in the morning (5:30-6:30am) so I can have time to do homework after school.

Do you love iCal or Google calender as much as I do? Clearly I love iCal the most, I have been using it the longest so I just stick with it. I feel like if I plan my homework then I have to do it in that time. Of course I foresee a lot of that homework spilling into the night I just thought that if I only scheduled it until 6:30pm then I could have a break for dinner, haha!!

Happy Running!

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