Sharing the Love!

I found this card in my Dad’s study:

He got it from my Mum for Valentine’s Day this year. I think it is just the cutest card I have ever seen, and it totally sounds like my family. My parents are one of the reasons I am so healthy. My Dad started doing Triathlons and Half Marathons in his mid 40s and my Mum jumped on the healthy bandwagon at that point too.

When I got a little too lazy after my first year of university my Mum asked me, in a nice way that made it sound cool, if I wanted to go see her personal trainer with her. At that point a love for cardio and weights was born. I remember coming home after my second year of university and asking my Dad to go for a run with me, he was so happy that I was taking up something he loved.

After I completed my first half marathon I remember my Dad being convinced his half time was faster than mine….turns out I was faster. The thing is he couldn’t have been more proud of me.

My parents have always been so positive and have dared me to try new things like lifting lifting weights, running further than I thought I could, trying new foods and being positive when I thought I couldn’t.

Question: What are you doing to challenge yourself?

I am trying to get all my school work done ahead of time, set up a placement for May-July (only on Fridays), run and be happy while doing so 5 days a week, eat balanced meals on a daily basis, try new things (new foods, new mantras while running), and add in some kind of strength training 2-3 times a week.

Happy Running!

One response to “Sharing the Love!

  1. Super cute card!!! :o)I think it's awesome that your parents are all into the healthy lifestyle. My parents eat very well and are fantastic cooks but they're not so into working out. Although they're starting to get into it – gooo parentals!As for challenging myself – I'm on day 3 of P90X! I hurt!!!

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