(Food) Revolution

Happy Friday to all!!

Tonight is the night I have been waiting for because Jamie Oliver’s Food Revolution is on! (I know it was on on Sunday but 10pm was too late for me, haha!) We will be watching the repeat of the premier and the new episode, I am very interested in this show and am excited to see it!


I remember when this cookbook came into the bookstore, and I have to say that Jamie Oliver has to be one of the most popular chefs and has great cookbooks (I read cookbooks for fun!).

Running and thinking…

So this past week I have been thinking a lot during my runs. You know how it goes, sometimes on a run you zone out and sometimes all you can do is think about things. I had a very busy week at school: a presentation, tests, lots of homework…and so on.

Of course I made it out alive, but sometimes I have to remind myself that I am the one who wanted to go back to school and that I am doing so so that I can better my skills and build a kick ass life for myself!

The funny thing is is that I always used to think that the best runs I had were the ones where I completely zoned out and was listening to my body and everything around me. Thursday’s run showed me something different. I went out for a quick 3 mile run at 6am before my 8:30am class. All I could think about was the presentation I had to give later that day, I kept repeating what I going to say, sounds boring…and I must say it kind of was. On the other hand it powered me through my run and I felt amazing! When time came to turn around and go home I was surprised how fast everything was going. I finished happy, strong, and ready to present.

In the end the presentation went very well and I felt very confident in what I was saying because I had spent my run going over my content. Oh the interesting things that happen when you run!

I am happy it’s the weekend and I am looking forward to next week’s runs when I will be going over accounting in my head. I’ll be thinking about adjusting entries and closing accounts, ok that doesn’t sound anywhere near as cool as my presentation.

I hope that you all have a great Friday night!!

Happy Running!


One response to “(Food) Revolution

  1. I think my best runs are whenever I think about everything BUT running. THat can be tough to do! Glad you had a good run!

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