Run to the Water

Well Easter weekend is over for me, I think I thought that since I was in school I would get Monday off, turns out that doesn’t apply to College or University students. Oh well, at least I’m not just realizing this this morning, that would be even worse.

This weekend was full of soaking up the sun, running (alone and with the boyfriend), finally finishing our travel book from our trip to London and Paris (which was in July and August 2009), and visiting family. This weekend did not involve any school work at all, even though it kind of should have seeing as I have a presentation tomorrow.

The Running
I went running alone on Friday afternoon and boy was it ever warm out. Of course anything above 0C (freezing) is warm to me right now so when it got to above 20C I was in heaven. Normally I am the one to melt in warm weather, but Friday was just perfect. I set out along the waterfront and ran past a ton of university students soaking up the sun. I stayed along the water the whole time because my run was an out and back, it was wonderful!

On Saturday the boyfriend and I set out around the same time (3:30pm, I love running in the morning, but at the same time I will run when I can!) but this time we set out in the opposite direction that I went the day before. It took us down to the harbour and along the waterfront, then we had to cut across a park to get back to the street to run home. It was a little cooler on Saturday and I finally wore shorts….I am a little self conscious when it comes to my legs (I don’t know why, I just am) so wearing shorts for the first time this year at first had me thinking, “maybe I should go and put my crops back on”…but then I started thinking differently after some kind words from someone wise (the boyfriend), “it is warm out, I want to wear shorts, and no one else cares”! Take that negative thoughts, BAM!

Of course what naturally happens after a run? That’s right I went skulking around my parents’ backyard to look for pretty flowers and such.

Turns out there is only one kind of flower out around the whole neighbourhood, I thought that was kind of funny. My parents also have some nice decorations around the backyard….turns out they like suns. I must agree they are very pretty!

This sun was found on the little shed in the backyard, I think I need to find a better place for it because it is really pretty and is kind of hiding where it currently is.

This sun is from my grandparents’ backyard but had to be moved to my parents’ when they decided to move into an apartment building. I think it is a nice addition to the collection of decorations in the backyard.

I must say I had a wonderful Easter weekend full of yummy food, and of course candy, yum! This morning I got up at 6:30am to go for a run and was greeted with the sun almost up, it is nice to not be waking up in the dark again. Of course come Wednesday when I wake up at 5:30am it will be pitch black again, but then that just gives me something to look forward to later!

My run was a speedy 5 miles along my favourite route, I just went a little further along the water than I did on Friday’s run. It was so beautiful out and I cannot wait to get back out there for my walk to school!

I hope you all had happy and healthy Easter weekends!

Happy Running!

One response to “Run to the Water

  1. did you run by our house and i missed you? wasn't it a beautiful weekend!!!

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