Feelings Show

Good Evening!!!

I must say that I am a master when it comes to recognizing a bad, down in the dumps, no good mood…and then getting past it so I can finish my day happy! Of course I am not able to do this all the time, but today was one of those days where I could do it.

This morning I spent my time editing my final report for my writing class, it was more so a reflection of the past term, your goals and your plans for the rest of the course and so on. Not a big deal, I just had to edit it. In the end I got it done and handed in a day early, YAY for being ahead! Sadly while I was waiting to get into the class I started to feel like this…

Nothing felt right and I just felt very blah. This feeling continued on during my walk home, I even listened to Wait Wait Don’t Tell Me, which I must say did result in some giggles, but then when does it not. (If you don’t listen to this show you really should, especially if you enjoy your news with a little humour on the side).

When I got home the feeling wasn’t lifting, I didn’t get it, I am eating very well, drinking lots of water, exercising regularly….It was lunch time but I just wasn’t hungry, GAH! What to do?!? I made myself a smoothie jam packed with fruits and Amazing Meal and the feeling kind of started to lift. To continue to fight the feeling I went for a walk downtown and found a nice pair of dress pants for $22 (total), SCORE!

On my walk home everything finally started to lift and I had a little bounce back in my step. When I got home I knew what I wanted to do…RUN! I cranked the tunes and headed down by the water (of course) and any blah feeling that I had had was gone gone gone! When I got home my new Runner’s World was there waiting for me.

Now I am feeling like my old self and am going to head down to the university campus to watch a group of swing dancers perform and then I am going to read my magazine!

Question: What do you do when you all of a sudden find yourself in a down right horrible mood? Like I mentioned above I generally go for a walk or a run (this time the walk needed to come first because I wasn’t in a running mood). If it is sunny out then that always helps!

Of course some quality time with my boyfriend always makes things better! I think tonight’s plan is to be together and read, he has some reading to do from a really large textbook for nursing and I have a novel to entertain my brain.

Happy Running!

One response to “Feelings Show

  1. Glad you're feeling better!! I like to run and keep to myself, generally. Although some QT with my best friends can help too!

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