From Here You Can Almost See the Sea

Of course from here I can actually see the lake, not the sea. Whenever I go out for a run I guarantee you I always run by the lake. Even if I don’t intend to go down by the water I always end up there because no run is complete without being close to the water.

I wanted to show you the pictures I took while out on my run today. Of course this was a slower run/walk because I was carrying my carrying my camera, but also mostly because I wanted to take pictures and show you guys the pretty area that I get to run in.

This is after a small hill going down to the water, a lot of the pictures that follow are of along the waterfront.

I didn’t go down this way today, I just stopped to take pictures here. Normally I would go down this way and it takes you along the water for a little while.

Those clouds are so pretty!! I love living so close to water, it is nice to know that on a hot day I can run by the water and have a cool breeze on me.

After turning around to head up the street to get home, well eventually get home. There were still lots of pictures I wanted to take.

I saw this tree on a street that I don’t normally run on and decided that I had to go and take pictures of this tree. It is so white and pretty.

Oh the prettiness!

I might have to pay attention to the flowers and trees on my runs more often. The prettiness made me so happy during my run.

Ok that is all the flower tree pictures I took! Back to the roads.

On a hot day this is the hottest place to be when you are running (the picture below is the place I mean). There is little to no coverage, it is just you and the sun beating down on your back or if it is a particularly windy day you are at mercy to the wind. Sometimes even when it isn’t hot and sunny this is the most challenging part of my run because I think of other times I’ve been on that stretch.

The stretch isn’t even that long, I know it is 0.6 miles from that corner to my house so I know I am going to be done soon.

Before I had a Garmin the clock in the picture above was what I used to track the length of my runs. I know I’ve seen Caitlin use her oven timer and it made me giggle when I read that post because I used to do the exact same thing. Well I actually still do it if my Garmin needs to be charged or if I just want to run without knowing my time or speed while I’m running.

We are so close to being home I can taste it! This is about the time that I start to sprint so I can finish my run off with a bang!

We have rounded the corner and we are almost home! YAY! By the way that house is not mine, not even close. My parents’ neighbourhood is a bunch of houses that surround a massive house in the middle.

And we are home! Sprint to the garage doors and we are done. This is when I will take a little walk around the circle and cool down. Also if I am smart I will get my stretching done outside in the sun before heading in so I do not forget.

I hope you enjoyed the tour of my running route! I am so happy for the beautiful day! I have been wanting to do this kind of a post for a while not and it has never been ideal out. Today was perfect!

Happy Running!


3 responses to “From Here You Can Almost See the Sea

  1. I can comment!!! Wooohoo!!! πŸ™‚ And I’m the inaugural comment!

    As I was going to say . . . you get to run in a lovely place! Although I’m currently landlocked (not even a river in this Rocky Mountain town) I remember what it was like to run along the ocean in Victoria. And nothing beats a run by the water! πŸ™‚

    PS: Your home is super cute!

    • Thanks SO much for letter me know about the commenting issue!

      The water makes a huge difference! My parents bought this home not too long ago and it is a lot different from where we used to live, it is a lot more quiet for sure!

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