Ready To Run

Happy Marathon Monday!

Today is the 114th Boston Marathon!! [photo credit]

Here are some pictures that I love from last year’s Boston Marathon! It was the first time I really got to stay home and watch it and get all excited.

On your mark….get set….GO! [photo credit]

[photo credit]

I woke up bright and early to go for a run this morning so that I could come back home and settle in with my breakfast to watch the Boston Marathon! I did the exact same thing last year, and both times I happened to have Monday off by sheer luck! Last year I can’t even remember why I had Monday off, and this time my writing teacher said we could come to class and use the computer lab if we wanted, OR we could stay home…I opted for staying home and enjoying my Marathon Monday tradition of getting up early and going for a run!

Last year I was so excited to see Kara Goucher run Boston, there was so much hype around her running and *possibly* winning. [photo credit]

I remember yelling at the TV and getting all excited. I bet my neighbours were really confused as to what sporting event happened so early in the morning. Kara did not win the Boston Marathon that fateful Monday morning, and I remember seeing this image on my TV screen…[photo credit]

I am always in awe of professional runner’s talents and abilities. To me, on that day, Kara was a winner no matter what!

I did a post on Kara back in February after reading an article called Mind Games in Runner’s World. She won’t be running this year but, as always, I am so excited for Marathon Monday.

I am excited to check on people who I know are running and I am also looking forward to my early morning run and thinking about those people getting ready to run a wicked race and have a happy run!

I was reading Runner’s World magazine this afternoon and came across these adds, I don’t know if they are new but I had not seen them before. Here is a New Balance add that I liked.

I like the idea that they are portraying about being able to go for a run and being able to be away from your troubles during that time. Of course I wish they would have come up with a way to have them not come back after I return, I guess thems the breaks.

I also found this new Lululemon add with the simple words Sun Salutation in the middle, and I must say that that is how I feel when I’m out running early in the morning. Now it does look like this person is running on a beach (correct me if I am wrong please) and that is not what I do, but I do run close to the water as I mentioned here.

I hope that everyone has a good Marathon Monday!! Of course whether or not things are done I will have to go to school for accounting by 12pm, but that is ok I am PVR-ing whatever TSN is showing anyway!


What time of day do you like to run?

I prefer to run in the morning, but that isn’t always possible, sometimes I am too busy first thing in the morning, whether it be with school or other things, and I have to postpone it. I don’t feel worse running in the afternoon or evening, I just love getting up early and going on a run to start my day.

During my last half marathon training my boyfriend and I trained together and he really liked doing longer runs on Saturday night because it was cooler (and because I worked on Sunday morning). I saw the method behind his madness because it was in the middle of the summer, but I still wasn’t a fan of waiting around all day to run. Then one night we went out for an 8 miler at 8pm and I felt so at ease and calm, there was a breeze coming off the lake and we stopped at the point of the Royal Military College that marks the half way point and I was just so happy.

SO what I’m saying is, I guess I can’t say that I don’t like running at night because just remembering that night makes me happy. Don’t we have awesome date nights?!?!

Happy Boston Marathon Day and Happy Running!


2 responses to “Ready To Run

  1. I tend to run in the early mornings or late evenings due to my work schedule. On the weekends or days off though, I love to run late morning – a couple of hours after breakfast. I always have so much more energy when I’ve eaten first.

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