A Girl Like Me

Today Rihanna is speaking to me, here is what she has to say…

“A girl like me is just a little different from the rest, and a girl like me is never gonna settle for second best.”

So let me fill you in on some facts:

I have a degree in English Literature from the University of Ottawa. After graduating in the spring of 2007 I started a part-time sales job at a Canadian bookstore. I didn’t know what to do after graduation so this was fine at the time. By late summer/early fall I was the head cashier, and then a few months later I was an assistant manager.

I love William Shakespeare!

I always planned on going back to school, most likely college, to do something that I knew would get me the skills I needed to get a job in the field I was/am interested in. This didn’t happen right away due to loyalty to the company and a little bit of comfort with having a job that I didn’t hate.

I got to be Professor Trelawney for the Happry Potter 7 book release!

After going on a two week vacation to London and Paris (a Flashback Friday will happen soon!) I returned to my job and I just wasn’t feeling it anymore. I love literature, I love reading, I love talking about books with people, BUT it just wasn’t the same anymore. I was stuck!

Hmmm...what should I do?

One night at the end of August I decided that it was time to go back to school. There wasn’t going to be anymore of this  “well I’m not going to go back this year, but maybe next year” crap. I was done with settling. That night I applied to the local college for a two year program (it’s more like 16 months the way I am doing it, phew!).

I was accepted in October 2009, and in January 2010 I went back to school. I am taking the Office Administration Medical and Legal program and I am very excited about this. After graduating I hope to work in Public Health (where I have my placement during May-June every Friday), with the Government, in a hospital (something like what my Dad’s office administrator does, I love her job!), or one of the many other options I will have.

So what does this have to do with the lyrics above?  I was thinking about how people might see my program as easy, and let me tell you I saw this program as being something that was going to be super easy that I could just breeze through. Instead I have decided to take the approach that has me seeing program as something that is very important when it comes to me getting the career I crave, because I know it is.

Early in the semester I realized that if you show your teachers that you are there to learn and show them respect then they will give you all the respect in the world. I am not going to just put myself on cruise control and just get through the day, I am going to school and working hard to learn everything I can so I can take everything I learn into a job that I am interested in.

I am really looking forward to semesters 3 and 4 (Fall and Winter) because that is when we start getting to all the medical and legal classes and I get to learn really cool things.

So what have I learned from all of this? Well I have learned that I deserve to do what I see as exciting and I deserve to strive towards a career that I know I will find fulfilling. I work hard every day and I know what I want, “a girl like me is never gonna settle for second best.”

Why did I decide to write about what I have done recently to change the path I was on? Well I was running this morning and these were the only thoughts going on in my head. I kept thinking about how a year ago I was on a completely different path than I am now and I wanted to share this excitement with you!

Happy Running!


3 responses to “A Girl Like Me

  1. I love hearing about other people’s life changes. I think that it helps me feel like there is a whole world of possibility! I certainly didn’t imagine myself a blogger even a year ago, so who knows what will happen?!

  2. I think it’s exciting that you’re headed to where you want to be! There’s nothing better than taking charge of your own life! 😉

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