Flashback Friday: London Calling

I love reading bloggers’ Flashback Friday posts, Janetha over at Meals and Moves has a great one up right now called What A Difference A Year Can Make as does Susan over at The Great Balancing Act, it’s called One Year As A University Grad. Go check them out!

Here’s my flashback…to London, England we go!

In July of 2009 I went to London, England with my boyfriend. We planned the trip starting in mid April because we wanted to do something different, we wanted to see new things go somewhere on vacation rather than just stay home, like we always did. Enjoy our pictures!

We spent a lot of time at Buckingham Palace because it was only a 10 minute walk from our hostel.

I’m not going to lie a lot of our pictures are from around here because we just loved the area so much!

We were around Buckingham palace morning, noon and night. I think we were here so much because it was a place that we passed on our way to and from everywhere we went.

We had a lot of fun in Trafalgar Square trying to take pictures on top of the lion statues. Turns out when you are wearing a summer dress it is hard to get up on a loin statue with grace, my boyfriend couldn’t do it either. We were envious of the kids! We also went to the Royal Museum that is nearby.

We walked everywhere, we actually brought our running shoes and clothes but, sadly, never ran. WOW right?!? I think after walking around all day, at least 10 miles a day, we were so tired we just wanted to sleep. We really wanted to run, next time, right?! Here we are at Piccadilly Circus.

Again at Buckingham Palace for the Changing of the Guard. I was squished right up against the fence so I got a lot of good pictures. That day they played “All You Need Is Love” by the Beatles. After this we went to wait in a long line to get into the State Room Tour in Buckingham Palace. It was SO pretty inside! It was so convenient that we were in London at the time we were because it had just opened.

We also spent some time in Hyde Park taking pictures of flowers and making our way over to Kensington Gardens.

Beautiful! I am in love with this picture!

After finally making it to Kensington Gardens my boyfriend decided that he was going to be an awesome photographer and play with the light.

Big Ben! While we were in London we kept repeating lines from the Friends episodes when they went to London for Ross’ wedding. “In London!”

We did the bridges walk, starting at Tower Bridge and walking all the way down and finally stopping by Big Ben due to the fact that it was very late. When we got to The Globe Theater I started to get so excited! We sat on the bridge and took pictures and ate Shakespeare head cookies and talked about Hamlet (it is my favourite play!).

Here I am on the Millennium Bridge. All we could think about was the scene in the Harry Potter and the Half Blood Prince movie where they use this bridge at the beginning. I won’t say what happens just in case someone hasn’t seen the movie yet.

My skills at taking photos of us improved greatly over the two weeks we were away.

Our final destination at the end of our bridges walk! The next day we hopped on the Chunnel and headed over to Paris, France for another week.

The next time I go to London I am going to run along the Thames, and I am going to do it often because now I have seen tons and could probably carve out some time to actually go running while in London. I hope you liked the pictures! Coming later on another Flashback Friday post…Paris!

Happy Travels and Happy Running!


4 responses to “Flashback Friday: London Calling

  1. These are GREAT photos! Make me feel like traveling!

  2. Those pictures are simply lovely! You know despite traveling loads in Europe I’ve never been to the UK! The British Pound has always scared me!!! lol Silly moi!

    PS: You know I’m soooo looking forward to the Paris re-cap!

    • I’m looking forward to showing you my Paris pictures! I really loved being there!!! My parents are the same, they have been everywhere have never been to London, they were jealous.

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