Reading, Shopping & Negativity

Here are some articles and blog posts that caught my eye this week:

Relax Your Achy Feet– FitSugar (After all the running and walking I have been doing during my 4 days off before starting school again tomorrow this is exactly what I needed to find this week)

25 Reasons To Do Yoga – Huffington Post (After I read this list I made a conscious effort to go do some yoga after)

Personal Trainer Takes Your Running Questions – Globe & Mail

Chickpea Burgers – (never home) maker (I am making these on Tuesday so I will let you know how it goes. They look so yummy!)

Kicking The Coke Habit For Good! – Oh She Glows (I don’t drink Diet Coke very often, but I drink it enough to know what I want to stop drinking it all together. I could really use your help and encouragement!)


I also wanted to bring something up that happened yesterday…

I was out shopping for some professional clothes for my placement (and maybe something more, *knock on wood*) and I was so surprised by the negative thoughts I had going on in my head. I am pretty sure that if my Mum hadn’t been there that I wouldn’t have bought anything.

After the third thing I tried on I asked myself why I was being so negative? Why did I think everything looked bad, why did I think that nothing was cute enough. Then I decided to just shut my inside voices off and let my Mum do all the talking. Boy does she ever have good taste! I am so thankful for her because we found some amazing clothes that will make me look so cute and professional!

After letting everything go I was in a happier mood and had a lot more fun on our shopping trip. I was in such a good mood that after we got home I jumped into my running clothes and headed out for a run even though it was humid beyond my wildest dreams. My Mum told me that May is going to be like June, and June is going to be like July, and July is going to be like Arizona…wow!

Questions: Have you ever let negative thoughts let you leave a clothing store without buying something, even though deep down inside you knew you it suit you? How did you deal with this?

I have dealt with such a problem many times. I normally just make faces and eventually tell myself I’m being silly. I think it always helps when you have a friend to help you because they don’t see what you see.

Happy Running!


One response to “Reading, Shopping & Negativity

  1. fitandfortysomething

    thanks for the list of blogs! i found you on caitlins this morning 🙂

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