Did I Hear You Right?

I would like to tell you about what happened at lunch today.

During this condensed two month second semester for school we are at the school 3 of the 4 days for lunch and I pack my lunch everyday, no ifs ands or buts. I always pack the same things, in rotation of course so I don’t get bored: cottage cheese or yogurt and fruit, almonds, apples, pears, oranges, carrots and cucumbers to dip in hummus, pita and light Laughing Cow Cheese, salad with chickpeas, edamame…I could go on forever, the list is rather long. To save you from a post that is solely a list of food I will stop there.

So what happened today when I pulled out my lunch of cottage cheese, strawberries and blue berries with some almonds? A girl in my program looks at what I am eating and says…

“You know that fruit is basically all sugar, right?!”

This is the same girl who once asked me why I was always eating when she saw me; my answer, because we normally see each other at lunch and the time I have an afternoon snack (I didn’t actually answer her because the question was so stupid).

So how did I react today?

Sadly not with the answer I wanted to, which would have been, “Anything I am eating is better than the Brisk Iced Tea and chips you are eating, or the nothing you normally eat and sit there and tell me how hungry you are and how you want to lose weight by taking diet pills.”

What I actually told her was how healthy fruits and nuts are and that I like cottage cheese. I, again, did not feel the need to justify anything to her, what’s the point?

This happens to me a lot, it happened at my full time retail management job too, people see that I bring a healthy lunch or dinner on a daily basis and start questioning my food choices and ask me if I count my calories or if I am trying to lose weight. It’s like these people think that the only reason someone would pack a healthy meal is if they are trying to lose weight.

That is not the case, I like food that fuels my body, food that gives me energy and makes my tummy happy.

Question: Does this ever happen to you? Do people ever question your healthy choices?


In other news everything at school is going well and I feel much better than I did last week. Last week I was feeling a little overwhelmed with the volume of school and placement, but I think I have the hang of it and I know that the, now, 8.5 weeks will fly by (but I’m not counting, ha!).I am really happy that this session is happening during the spring because that means the sun is up just after I am and it is so easy to wake up, especially when I go to bed between 9-10pm.

I love running early in the morning!

Question: When do you like to workout? Do you do it before school/work or after? What works best for you? I prefer morning workouts, but sometimes I know that it just is not possible to workout in the morning so I am able to cut out time in the afternoon to do so. I always book my workouts in my iCal the week before so they are scheduled in there and that time is for me.

Since this post is severely lacking in photos….

You get to see a picture that we took at the Dollar Store before seeing Iron Man 2 (great movie!)

Happy Running!


7 responses to “Did I Hear You Right?

  1. traveleatlove

    I am a big time grazer, so I get a lot of “You’re eating AGAIN?!” at work. I am used to it now, it keeps me full and healthy and I have never had a weight problem so I guess its working!

    • I am all for what works for me works for me and that is that! I love when people do what is right for them and don’t let other people’s opinions get in the way!

  2. We have been brainwashed to negate such fruits as bananas and other “high sugar” fruits. PHOOEY!! Comments like “You know that fruit is basically all sugar, right?!” is typically coming from someone who is jealous. It’s as simple as that, Kate.

    As I write about in my book The DEBFIT METHOD, many women are weighed down with information AND misinformation with regards to how to eat.

    If we would listen to our ‘gut’ as you clearly do 🙂 we would be a whole lot healthier, fitter and happier. (Kinda like you!)

    For those that are interested in reading more, here’s the link on Amazon to purchase the book:


  3. I get that all the time! Either it’s “you’re always eating!” or “are you on a diet or something?” I have to admit that I have to grit my teeth when someone in obviously poor health explains to me how to lose weight. I do not have a weight problem BECAUSE I eat this way, I am not eating this way because I have a weight problem.

  4. As another who is always eating…I definitely get it.
    Although I’ve never had someone criticize my healthy food in a way to call it unhealthy, just tell me that I don’t eat enough (from someone who comments that I always eat) and should think about eating more. I eat a lot…trust me.

  5. This happens to me all the time at work. I get accused of eating like a bird, but also eating all the time (?), and eating too healthy. It’s frustrating. Ha. I would have liked to go off on that girl!

    I love to run in the morning, but usually can’t since I get up so early for work!

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