Long Weekend Bliss

Last weekend was a long weekend for us Canadians, it was Victoria Day weekend! I took the time off to relax, read, go to the cottage, go for a long run and spend time spreading dirt for my parents in their backyard.

(People kept saying, “Kate, I think it’s soil”, my response, “Of course it is, but when you are spreading it for someone else, it’s dirt”) Here’s the pile I’ve been chipping away at, it was huge, and now it is a little less so.

Here we are before leaving the cottage on Sunday night. We even went swimming! You would think that with the weather we have been having that it would have been warm and wonderful in the lake. Wrong! It was ever so cold. I stood on the ladder long enough for my legs to get numb and then I took the plunge.

On Monday I went for a 10 mile long run in the heat. I did go out during a hot time of day on purpose, sadly, I just wanted to take some time to sleep and read in the morning and hang out with PB and when he had to go and do some nursing school things I decided to go out.

I put my headphones in and chugged along until I reached a well known 5 mile marker where I then turned around and made my way home. I actually listened to Skinny Bitch for the first half and then switched to music on the way back. This was my second time listening to the book and I will report back on what I think later. (*Note: The first time I listened to it/read it I didn’t like it at all, but something has changed since then and I no longer dislike it.)

When I got home I took off my shoes and walked around on the grass and took pictures of the pretty flowers!

My feet were so happy to walk around on the cool grass and be free!

More flowers!

Now I am off to make some dinner and get everything packed for Placement Friday tomorrow. Everything has been going really well there, I have done all the tasks that they originally planned for me (it took 3 Fridays) so now they have me doing really cool things!

Happy Running!


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