Sweat Once A Day

For the month of May I did my best to sweat once a day for at least 30 minutes because my local Lululemon store challenged the community to do so. If you want to see the album they put together for participants to track the minutes they sweat go here.


So how did I do? Here is the beginning of the month. I like tracking the days I worked out with stars, it makes me smile!

And here is the rest of the month.

The bottom corner was crowded.

Here were my thoughts on the last day of the challenge. “It has been a fabulous month! I learned that I can push my limits (in a good way) and not injure myself. I ran over 100 miles this month, and did a lot more core strengthening exercises than in previous months! I also learned that getting up at 5:30am five days a week to workout is always worth it!”

So what am I taking away from this? I am going to incorporate a lot more core, arms and leg strengthening exercises into my running routine. This past month I did a lot more core and yoga than I had been doing in the previous months.

Has a local Lululemon or gym ever had a cool challenge like this? What was it?

Happy Running!


2 responses to “Sweat Once A Day

  1. This is great!! How fun of Lululemon, yet another reason they are amazing. I bet that daily routine ends up sticking. I love my morning workouts.

    I like the calendar, many people do stuff online but that’s a direct visual marking your goals.

    I have never heard of a challenge like this, but it’s a fantastic way to engage communities. Good for you!!

    • I love tracking online, BUT having the calendar makes me so happy! Whenever I go into the kitchen I see my accomplishments. I’ve also been running/working out in the morning (but not as early) for years now. This was a big challenge because I have never had to get up that early all five days of the week. It has stuck for good though!

      Good on you for doing the early morning workouts too!

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