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Happy Father’s Day!

Happy Father’s Day to the best Dad in the whole world! It is actually because of my Dad that I got into running and racing. It is because of him that I enjoy running and eating healthy!

As you might have noticed I haven’t been around all that much, I blame school (which will be done very soon). Until school is over I will be posting when I can, I never realized that trying to cram four months of school into two months is rather intense and stressful.

I deal with this stress by running daily and walking a lot, I also have been doing a lot of core and weight workouts while watching Say Yes To The Dress while PB works in the hospital for his nursing clinical, hahaha! (What he doesn’t know won’t hurt him).

Until next time!

Happy Running!


Going Going Gone

That is correct Nike running sign…I will be back later this week(end) to get a few things off my chest that have been bothering me lately (mainly school things, and a few changes I have made).

Until then I will be out running to decompress from the day! Music from Glee will put me in an amazing mood and will make me smile!

Happy Running!

Long Weekend Bliss

Last weekend was a long weekend for us Canadians, it was Victoria Day weekend! I took the time off to relax, read, go to the cottage, go for a long run and spend time spreading dirt for my parents in their backyard.

(People kept saying, “Kate, I think it’s soil”, my response, “Of course it is, but when you are spreading it for someone else, it’s dirt”) Here’s the pile I’ve been chipping away at, it was huge, and now it is a little less so.

Here we are before leaving the cottage on Sunday night. We even went swimming! You would think that with the weather we have been having that it would have been warm and wonderful in the lake. Wrong! It was ever so cold. I stood on the ladder long enough for my legs to get numb and then I took the plunge.

On Monday I went for a 10 mile long run in the heat. I did go out during a hot time of day on purpose, sadly, I just wanted to take some time to sleep and read in the morning and hang out with PB and when he had to go and do some nursing school things I decided to go out.

I put my headphones in and chugged along until I reached a well known 5 mile marker where I then turned around and made my way home. I actually listened to Skinny Bitch for the first half and then switched to music on the way back. This was my second time listening to the book and I will report back on what I think later. (*Note: The first time I listened to it/read it I didn’t like it at all, but something has changed since then and I no longer dislike it.)

When I got home I took off my shoes and walked around on the grass and took pictures of the pretty flowers!

My feet were so happy to walk around on the cool grass and be free!

More flowers!

Now I am off to make some dinner and get everything packed for Placement Friday tomorrow. Everything has been going really well there, I have done all the tasks that they originally planned for me (it took 3 Fridays) so now they have me doing really cool things!

Happy Running!

Did I Hear You Right?

I would like to tell you about what happened at lunch today.

During this condensed two month second semester for school we are at the school 3 of the 4 days for lunch and I pack my lunch everyday, no ifs ands or buts. I always pack the same things, in rotation of course so I don’t get bored: cottage cheese or yogurt and fruit, almonds, apples, pears, oranges, carrots and cucumbers to dip in hummus, pita and light Laughing Cow Cheese, salad with chickpeas, edamame…I could go on forever, the list is rather long. To save you from a post that is solely a list of food I will stop there.

So what happened today when I pulled out my lunch of cottage cheese, strawberries and blue berries with some almonds? A girl in my program looks at what I am eating and says…

“You know that fruit is basically all sugar, right?!”

This is the same girl who once asked me why I was always eating when she saw me; my answer, because we normally see each other at lunch and the time I have an afternoon snack (I didn’t actually answer her because the question was so stupid).

So how did I react today?

Sadly not with the answer I wanted to, which would have been, “Anything I am eating is better than the Brisk Iced Tea and chips you are eating, or the nothing you normally eat and sit there and tell me how hungry you are and how you want to lose weight by taking diet pills.”

What I actually told her was how healthy fruits and nuts are and that I like cottage cheese. I, again, did not feel the need to justify anything to her, what’s the point?

This happens to me a lot, it happened at my full time retail management job too, people see that I bring a healthy lunch or dinner on a daily basis and start questioning my food choices and ask me if I count my calories or if I am trying to lose weight. It’s like these people think that the only reason someone would pack a healthy meal is if they are trying to lose weight.

That is not the case, I like food that fuels my body, food that gives me energy and makes my tummy happy.

Question: Does this ever happen to you? Do people ever question your healthy choices?


In other news everything at school is going well and I feel much better than I did last week. Last week I was feeling a little overwhelmed with the volume of school and placement, but I think I have the hang of it and I know that the, now, 8.5 weeks will fly by (but I’m not counting, ha!).I am really happy that this session is happening during the spring because that means the sun is up just after I am and it is so easy to wake up, especially when I go to bed between 9-10pm.

I love running early in the morning!

Question: When do you like to workout? Do you do it before school/work or after? What works best for you? I prefer morning workouts, but sometimes I know that it just is not possible to workout in the morning so I am able to cut out time in the afternoon to do so. I always book my workouts in my iCal the week before so they are scheduled in there and that time is for me.

Since this post is severely lacking in photos….

You get to see a picture that we took at the Dollar Store before seeing Iron Man 2 (great movie!)

Happy Running!

Happy Mother’s Day!

Happy Mother’s Day to all the Mums out there!

Yes that is right I spell it with a “u”, that is how I was taught to spell it by my Mum and no one has been able to change my ways. PB spells it with and “o” and I spell it with a “u”….sometimes we “argue” over how we will spell it as a future family. I bet I will win!

Here are the Mum’s that I love!

With my Mum and Dad after running the Ottawa Half Marathon back in May 2007. My Mum stayed out in the rain for almost 2 hours and was waiting for me at the end!

With PB’s Mum at the end of the PEC Half Marathon this past October 2009. It was also raining and we were greeted with open arms at the end!

My Grandma and Grandpa in Ottawa June 2007 after my graduation. I do not have a good picture of us together on this computer and I know she would want me to represent here with a good picture.

To all the mothers and mothers to be out there, thank you for everything you do!!

Happy Mother’s Day and Happy Running!

An Irish Blessing

Happy Wednesday!! The only thing keeping me from my long weekend is the accounting test that I have this afternoon and a full day of classes tomorrow, but I bet I’ll get out of my Office Procedures class early (it’s the one that goes until 3:30pm).

I wanted to share this quote with you. I have read it many times, and it sits on my desk so I can read it when I’m doing school work.

My 8:30am class was cancelled this morning, YAY!! I got to sleep in a little bit and with the time I was given I ran an amazing and blissful 5 miles rather than the 3 miles I normally run on Wednesday mornings because I’m short on time. When I look at the difference between the distance I normally run and the distance I ran this morning it isn’t too much, BUT to me being able to add those miles to my day makes me feel more alive. Maybe I’m crazy, but I just love running!

I also wanted to let you guys know what I thought of Jamie Oliver’s Food Revolution. Well I have to say that I loved it, I just love love loved it!! My boyfriend and I woke up on Saturday morning made yummy banana and peanut butter oats and sat down ready to watch Food Revolution. Well I must say we were inspired by everything that Jamie has been doing, but at the same time we couldn’t help but look at each other with these shocked faces when Jamie made those “chicken nuggets” and the kids still wanted to eat them. I must say we are already looking forward to Friday night’s show.

Question: Have you been watching Jamie Oliver’s Food Revolution? What do you guys think of it? Are you looking forward to Friday’s episode?

I hope that you all have a great day and that you are having beautiful sunny weather so you can go outside and soak up the sun!

Go to Healthy Ashley’s blog to enter a contest to win a Bondi Band! They come in wicked colours, cool patterns and awesome sayings! They are so cute! I always need to wear a headband of sorts to keep my hair off my face, I am always finicky about making sure my hair is not in my face while I’m running. These look like the perfect product!

Happy Running!

My Perfect Morning

“I get up early to run and when I get home I do some yoga stretches for runners. Then I will sit down and read blogs and drink some Awake tea.”

This is a quote from a Goal Worksheet that I filled out for a job application to Lululemon. This morning was one of those perfect mornings. What added to the perfect morning was that it is actually sunny out and it is starting to look a little bit like spring, well except for the fact that every lawn on the block doesn’t have snow and my lawn still does.

I came home to Awake tea, an Adore Glo Bar (these bars from Glo Bakery, made by Angela, are SO yummy!), and lots of blog reading.

Do you see the jar filled with Awake tea in the background, I am just a little bit obsessed.

Here’s how Angela describes the Adore Bar “Do you dream of mouth-watering S’mores roasted over the campfire? Well, now you can enjoy one in a delicious Glo Bar- and it’s vegan to boot! Roasted vegan marshmallows, handmade chunky vegan graham crackers, dark chocolate, and cacao nibs come together to create a Glo Bar filled with love and adoration.” [Source] These bars are just yummy!

On another note, look what I bought the other day….

I haven’t had the opportunity to try it yet, but I am very excited! I love Jillian Michaels’ 30 Day Shred so I knew when I saw this video that it was something I would love! Instead of doing this video this evening I am going to the local Lululemon store to do a 90 minute Yogalates class. I am very excited!! Every time I hear “Yogalates” I think of The OC episode when Seth, Sandy and Ryan keep saying the word (yes I watched the show in high school). The video kind of exaggerates it, but I still find it really funny!! I will report back on how the class went!

Happy Running!