Stuff I Love

Here are some products and other things that I just love so much that I want to share them with you!


I want to share my Green Monster recipe with you, and I would also like to thank Angela over at Oh She Glows for bringing this amazing drink into my life. Since my recipe was posted on the Green Monster Movement I have made some changed to how I make my Green Monster. Here is the new recipe:

1 Banana (I don’t really use frozen anymore because I am in a rush in the morning and this makes the drink not as thick)

2c Spinach (or more if I am feeling the need)

3/4-1c Chocolate Soy, or Plain Soy Milk

1Tbsp Vega Performance Protein or Help Protein (2Tbsp if I need more staying power because of a long morning)

Optional: 1 scoop of Original or Chocolate Amazing Grass OR 1tsp Maca

Amazing Grass products – I especially love the Green SuperFood and the Chocolate Green SuperFood. I learned about this stuff during the summer of 2009 through many blogs and I knew I had to try it, and now I am in love! [photo credit]

I love Vega products! I read the Thrive Diet years ago but just in the past year started using the products. The Whole Food Energy Bar came in handy when I was running around the book store I used to work at as a manager.

Recently I bought the Performance Protein in vanilla, thanks to the Vega Team on Twitter I knew where to find it locally rather than ordering it.

This stuff is awesome! As you can see from my Green Monster recipe I have been using this as an extra protein source. I must say I love this stuff SO much! It tastes really good and there are so many good things about Vega products. Go here to read more.

Running & Workout Gear:

The majority of my workout clothes come from Lululemon and I have to say that they make quality clothes. I am still running in the running shorts that I am wearing in that 5k that I ran in 2006 (see here). I have a few staples and I will share them with you:

Run: Speed Short and when it is shorts season Run: Empower Crop

Cool Racerback and for cooler weather Run: Swiftly Tech LS and when I feel like a need a little extra on top so I can have pockets on a longer run Run: Clarity Vest

All Sport Bra and Flow Y Bra IV (I have enjoyed all the Flow Y Bras they have put out)

And of course the Sigg Om Bottle is by far my favourite water bottle out there [photo credit]

Workout DVDs:

Any Workout DVD by Jillian Michaels always kicks my butt! I will forever love 30 Day Shred for helping me get out of a rut where I wasn’t doing any weights at all. Of course I love Tone Your Trouble Zones for when i just have time to do a little bit of strength work. Recently I bought Yoga Meltdown and have been enjoying the challenge and the stretching I get out of it. See my review of Yoga Meltdown here.

In addition to Jillian Michaels I also love love love Shiva Rea’s yoga DVDs. My ultimate favourite is Creative Core and Upper Body. [photo source]

This page will be being updated often because I will come across something on a daily basis that I use that I will want to share with you!


3 responses to “Stuff I Love

  1. i LOVE those water bottles! I need to get one the next time I go to a store that sells them. Question: How did u get all that stuff on the right side of your page? As you can see, I’m a newbie to wordpress bloglife!

    • The water bottles are amazing!

      As for the stuff on the right…Go to the appearance section and pick widgets. You can add text and pictures, to add the blog roll links you need to go to the link area (that took me awhile to figure out). Let me know if I can help with anything else. I figured a lot of it out by googling it, there are good answers out there too.

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