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Sweat Once A Day

For the month of May I did my best to sweat once a day for at least 30 minutes because my local Lululemon store challenged the community to do so. If you want to see the album they put together for participants to track the minutes they sweat go here.


So how did I do? Here is the beginning of the month. I like tracking the days I worked out with stars, it makes me smile!

And here is the rest of the month.

The bottom corner was crowded.

Here were my thoughts on the last day of the challenge. “It has been a fabulous month! I learned that I can push my limits (in a good way) and not injure myself. I ran over 100 miles this month, and did a lot more core strengthening exercises than in previous months! I also learned that getting up at 5:30am five days a week to workout is always worth it!”

So what am I taking away from this? I am going to incorporate a lot more core, arms and leg strengthening exercises into my running routine. This past month I did a lot more core and yoga than I had been doing in the previous months.

Has a local Lululemon or gym ever had a cool challenge like this? What was it?

Happy Running!


Breathe Deeply

Appreciate the moment


I am about to start my third day of second semester, they are work like days 8:30am-4pm, except Tuesday which was only four hours, yay! I am ok with the longer days though, second semester will be done in ten weeks, actually after five weeks I will be done two classes and picking up two more. So really who can complain?!

On to more exciting news…

I wanted to share the new running shirt I got yesterday! I was so happy yesterday after finding out I got five A+ marks (I had five classes). I was really surprised with accounting because I went into that exam terrified that I had forgotten everything.

There was cause for celebration, and it can in the form of a visit to Lululemon! YAY!! I knew what I wanted and was on a mission.

The classic taking a picture of yourself in the mirror with cute running clothes on! Those short I have on I have had them for almost 4 years and they are still perfect! (Also from Lululemon, they are the speed short I can’t remember what they were called back then, maybe it was the same name, hmmm?)

I found it a little weird taking pictures of my chest, but hey, that’s where the writing is so take pictures I did!

I also bough a new All Sport Bra this is on my Stuff I Love page! It is the perfect running bra! It is a cute light – medium blue! I didn’t go in intending to buy it but once I saw the colour I was in love!

So how did my test run with the new Run: Energy short sleeved shirt go? It was amazing! The shirt is so light weight and breezy and it was perfect for my 4 mile run this morning!

Now I am finishing up my Green Monster and I need to finish a little bit of homework for my new accounting class and then I am off to school!

Question: What is your must have piece of workout clothing or gear?

Breathe Deeply. Appreciate the Moment

Happy Running!

Ready To Run

Happy Marathon Monday!

Today is the 114th Boston Marathon!! [photo credit]

Here are some pictures that I love from last year’s Boston Marathon! It was the first time I really got to stay home and watch it and get all excited.

On your mark….get set….GO! [photo credit]

[photo credit]

I woke up bright and early to go for a run this morning so that I could come back home and settle in with my breakfast to watch the Boston Marathon! I did the exact same thing last year, and both times I happened to have Monday off by sheer luck! Last year I can’t even remember why I had Monday off, and this time my writing teacher said we could come to class and use the computer lab if we wanted, OR we could stay home…I opted for staying home and enjoying my Marathon Monday tradition of getting up early and going for a run!

Last year I was so excited to see Kara Goucher run Boston, there was so much hype around her running and *possibly* winning. [photo credit]

I remember yelling at the TV and getting all excited. I bet my neighbours were really confused as to what sporting event happened so early in the morning. Kara did not win the Boston Marathon that fateful Monday morning, and I remember seeing this image on my TV screen…[photo credit]

I am always in awe of professional runner’s talents and abilities. To me, on that day, Kara was a winner no matter what!

I did a post on Kara back in February after reading an article called Mind Games in Runner’s World. She won’t be running this year but, as always, I am so excited for Marathon Monday.

I am excited to check on people who I know are running and I am also looking forward to my early morning run and thinking about those people getting ready to run a wicked race and have a happy run!

I was reading Runner’s World magazine this afternoon and came across these adds, I don’t know if they are new but I had not seen them before. Here is a New Balance add that I liked.

I like the idea that they are portraying about being able to go for a run and being able to be away from your troubles during that time. Of course I wish they would have come up with a way to have them not come back after I return, I guess thems the breaks.

I also found this new Lululemon add with the simple words Sun Salutation in the middle, and I must say that that is how I feel when I’m out running early in the morning. Now it does look like this person is running on a beach (correct me if I am wrong please) and that is not what I do, but I do run close to the water as I mentioned here.

I hope that everyone has a good Marathon Monday!! Of course whether or not things are done I will have to go to school for accounting by 12pm, but that is ok I am PVR-ing whatever TSN is showing anyway!


What time of day do you like to run?

I prefer to run in the morning, but that isn’t always possible, sometimes I am too busy first thing in the morning, whether it be with school or other things, and I have to postpone it. I don’t feel worse running in the afternoon or evening, I just love getting up early and going on a run to start my day.

During my last half marathon training my boyfriend and I trained together and he really liked doing longer runs on Saturday night because it was cooler (and because I worked on Sunday morning). I saw the method behind his madness because it was in the middle of the summer, but I still wasn’t a fan of waiting around all day to run. Then one night we went out for an 8 miler at 8pm and I felt so at ease and calm, there was a breeze coming off the lake and we stopped at the point of the Royal Military College that marks the half way point and I was just so happy.

SO what I’m saying is, I guess I can’t say that I don’t like running at night because just remembering that night makes me happy. Don’t we have awesome date nights?!?!

Happy Boston Marathon Day and Happy Running!

Yoga Meltdown

Jillian Michaels is wicked! I have said it before and I will probably spend my whole life saying that her workout videos kick my butt every time! I love her 30 Day Shred but sometimes that is just not what I need at the end of a busy day. Enter Yoga Meltdown….

Here are some shots that I found on Amazon.

Locust pose, eventually Jillian wants you to fold in half….”not really”, she says, but when she says something I think she kind of means it. [Source]

Side T-Planks, you start in Plank and move from side to side doing a T-Plank, and then you hold it. I remember doing a variation of these when I did Angela’s Whittle My Middle II challenge. [Source]

So what did I think? I loved this yoga workout! I did the workout at 8pm on Sunday night, I had half an hour to kill before the Oscars started and this seemed more exciting than doing homework or eating when I wasn’t hungry. I didn’t really know what to expect because 30 Day Shred is intense, and so is Jillian Michaels.

I was so happy with what was in the workout. There is a warm up of mountain pose and moving your arms, and some light chair poses while moving your arms. (I’m sorry if I don’t remember everything, because I know I won’t). Then you have about 25-30 minutes of kick butt yoga. It’s like 30 Day Shred in that she has about 3 sets with different moves within that so you do one chuck of poses and then you move on. There are a few things she always comes back to: a speedy sun salutation (it increases in speed over the course of the workout) and mountain pose.

This video was great because sometimes I want to have my butt kicked and at the same time I wouldn’t mind getting in some Downward Dog to stretch out my hamstrings. Of course I could just do another video and then do some Downward Dog after, but I liked how everything was mixed together!

Moving on to today…I’m looking forward to this evening!! Why?? Because I’m going to Lululemon at 5pm for their Run Lulu Run group! I love running alone, but sometimes I just want to run with others and have some fun while doing so!

Other than that it is all school work and studying. The teachers said that after reading week they start to pile on the work. Well we will see how this week goes, I know I have to write up my informational interview for my writing class, there is always computer class (Work and Excel) chapter work, I have an office procedures test next week (oh and I still have one little internet search assignment to do, yes you read that right, heehee!), and I should probably get reading accounting, doing the exercises would probably help too. Ok so that looks like a lot but I have it covered!

Happy Running!