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A New Tea

So I have always loved Tazo Awake tea, here is how it is described on their website, “a bold breakfast tea of depth and character, invigorating any time. This eye opening black tea blend has a full, rich flavour, with hints of dark caramel, malt and black cherries. Perfect with milk.”

After every run I would come home and make myself some tea (after have a Green Monster and a shower) and read blogs and news before having to get ready for school.

As of late I have cut out artificial sweeteners, sadly I always knew that it wasn’t the best idea to use them but I kept putting those facts out of my mind. Then came the day that I decided to listen to Skinny Bitch, they have a whole chapter on sugar and in there they talk about artificial sweeteners. After listening to it and reading through the chapter once to get the information solidified in my brain I finally decided that it was time to give up the artificial sweeteners for good!

At first the Awake tea was a little to strong and bitter to have without being artificially sweetened (I know I could just use sugar, but I am also trying to use that a little less too) so I decided to go to another tea that I would have sometimes but have always loved. Tazo Zen tea, here is how it is described on their website, “Zen’s distinct green tea flavour accented with lemon and mint is impossible to express in words. Best simply to experience its sweet  lingering aftertaste.”

When I drink this tea I don’t fee l like it needs any extra sweetener because it is already that way, just like how the website describes it. Now my morning routine is still the same I just grab a cup of this instead of the Awake tea, which I actually started to drink again because I am getting used to the taste without a sweetener (interesting what can change in the course of three weeks).

Question: Do you have a favourite tea? I love the two teas mentioned above, and I also love Tazo Calm and Refresh teas. They are so yummy!

Now I am off to read some of American Wife! I have read some great reviews of this book, go check out Jenna’s reviews here and here. Also see what Iowa Girl Eats has to say here and here.

Happy Running!