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Happy Working Song

*I was mistaken, this post didn’t go anywhere and it is up, YAY!*

It’s job announcement time!

At the end of April, during final exams, I had a job interview with a branch of the government. It was completely on a whim because my Mum heard about it at work and e-mailed me to tell me about it, so I applied. I have been looking for a job for the summer for a very long time (I would prefer longer, but school is a full time job on its own, literally). Of course I really wanted a job with the government and I really wanted this job. Every summer they hire summer students and I figured that with the courses I was taking, even though I wasn’t finished the program, I could still look pretty appealing.

I sent in my resume and cover letter and waited to be contacted. I knew that it wouldn’t be until the Monday morning and that I would probably be going in for the interview that afternoon. Of course I spent Sunday night freaking out about what to wear, I actually felt like I had no clothes. You know that feeling?!

Monday morning rolls around and I have everything ready to go just incase. I get up early so I can go for a run so I would be home and showered before 9am when the person who could possibly call me would be in her office. I get a call around 10am asking if I could come in for 1pm, I was so excited that I didn’t just get shoved aside because I didn’t apply sooner.

I get all dressed up, I put on some nice dress pants and a fashionable sweater with a cute necklace and my favourite black heals. I head downtown an arrive a good half hour early (I have this fear that I’ll be late for things so I always end up getting places about 15-30 minutes early).

I walk around for a bit, but after a little while I decide to go to the building. I take a seat in the waiting area when who shows up but my Mum. Until this point I had been able to contain my nerves. The minute my Mum starts talking to me I can feel my nerves building and I was about to cry. I think I was just so overwhelmed with school and this amazing job opportunity coming up at the last minute.

During the interview I felt so confident, something just came over me. I put all the fears I was feeling behind me and stepped up to the challenge. That is until they mentioned that the job was from May-August, that is when my mind went “well crap, you can’t get this at all,” I explained that I was in school until July 9 (which I did mention in my cover letter) and they made a note of that and then we actually continued to talk. We talked about how a full government job interview would unfold and different style of interviews. I was curious and the man interviewing me seemed interested in telling me!

By the end of the week I got a call from the government telling me what I assumed, I didn’t get the job due to my availability….BUT they were actually looking into creating a job for me for July-August. SAY WHAT? Of course she mentioned that it might be a little while until they got back to me because they had to go through a few managers to get a summer position made for me.

Guess what?! I got a call today letting me know that everything had come through and that I got the job, the one that they made for me. How cool is that? It makes me so happy that they wanted me that much to make up a job for me! WOW!

Needless to say I have been doing a happy dance all day! Quietly while I was at school because some of those girls are competitive, and then out loud when I got home!

So that is the new and exciting thing that has come along! Of course I need to finish up the last 6 weeks of semester two and then I will be able to do this new and exciting thing!

Question: How do you over come the nerves before something like a job interview or a race?

I’ve found what works for me is giving myself a pep talk, there is a lot of positive talk and a lot of deep breaths.

Happy Running!


Breathe Deeply

Appreciate the moment


I am about to start my third day of second semester, they are work like days 8:30am-4pm, except Tuesday which was only four hours, yay! I am ok with the longer days though, second semester will be done in ten weeks, actually after five weeks I will be done two classes and picking up two more. So really who can complain?!

On to more exciting news…

I wanted to share the new running shirt I got yesterday! I was so happy yesterday after finding out I got five A+ marks (I had five classes). I was really surprised with accounting because I went into that exam terrified that I had forgotten everything.

There was cause for celebration, and it can in the form of a visit to Lululemon! YAY!! I knew what I wanted and was on a mission.

The classic taking a picture of yourself in the mirror with cute running clothes on! Those short I have on I have had them for almost 4 years and they are still perfect! (Also from Lululemon, they are the speed short I can’t remember what they were called back then, maybe it was the same name, hmmm?)

I found it a little weird taking pictures of my chest, but hey, that’s where the writing is so take pictures I did!

I also bough a new All Sport Bra this is on my Stuff I Love page! It is the perfect running bra! It is a cute light – medium blue! I didn’t go in intending to buy it but once I saw the colour I was in love!

So how did my test run with the new Run: Energy short sleeved shirt go? It was amazing! The shirt is so light weight and breezy and it was perfect for my 4 mile run this morning!

Now I am finishing up my Green Monster and I need to finish a little bit of homework for my new accounting class and then I am off to school!

Question: What is your must have piece of workout clothing or gear?

Breathe Deeply. Appreciate the Moment

Happy Running!

Flashback Friday: Paris In The Summer

Last week I shared some pictures of my trip with PB (my boyfriend) to London, check them out here. Now I want to share the second leg of our trip. PB said that if we were going to go to Europe we should go for longer than a week and we should go to Paris during that second week, who was I to say no?

Here are some of our pictures! There are a lot, and I must say that it is really hard deciding what pictures to share. I love them all but if I shared them all that would be one insane post.

We stayed no where near to what is considered the must see areas of Paris so we used the Metro to get to where we wanted. I thought it was so easy to navigate and get to where we needed at a reasonable price. On our first day we got off the Metro and got to street level and saw this…

Well hello Opera house! I tried to get pictures from the sidewalk and then decided that I had to get to the little island in the middle of the road to get the good picture.

We did a lot on our second day in Paris. (Our first day was spent figuring out where we were and where to get food and sleeping.) Here are some pictures I took of artwork from the Musee d’Orsay.

This was one of our favourite paintings, we couldn’t stop staring at it. PB is very much in to art and painting so he told me a lot about what we saw. It was great to have my own art history teacher with me to fill me in.

Next we walked over to the Rodin Museum to spend some time walking in the garden and to our delight The Thinker was actually there. We had heard that sometimes The Thinker wasn’t there so we weren’t sure what to expect.

Of course many pictures like this were taken.

We had a nice walk around the garden. Everything was so beautiful! This trip made me fall in love with taking pictures of flowers.

Of course when I saw The Gates of Hell I got so excited, Dante’s Inferno was one of my favourite reads during my time at university and to this day I revisit it about once a year. “Abandon hope all ye who enter here.”

Our travels took to Le Champs Elysees where we walked and walked and walked to get up to the Arc de Triomphe.

Once we got to our destination I am not going to lie and tell you that we found the underground tunnels quickly. They were all blocked by tourists like us and we had a hard time finding them. Our approach to traveling was we read a little but just decided to figure it all out on a whim so we were unaware of certain things.

Next up….The Eiffel Tower, and do I have a story for you.

Of course we waited in a line that was beyond huge and sadly we were not able to get up as high as we wanted because it was full after waiting for about 2 hours. We were more than fine with that because that little snag in our plan did not compare to the fact that I fainted under the Eiffel Tower. Yes you read that right, I fainted. I was not well hydrated and I probably hadn’t eaten enough, and it was SO hot out. Apparently I just went down and smacked into the guy who was in front of us. Here’s the great thing though, everyone in line who was near by was amazing. The guy I fell into helped PB relax and take care of me, and there was also a couple from Turkey who ran over with sweets to help me feel better. Everyone was amazing, and I felt so silly. From that moment on we always had fruit and crazy amounts of water with us (we always had water with us, I had run out and wasn’t about to spend almost $7 Canadian for water, now that I think about it spending that much wouldn’t have been a big deal).

Now the fact that I fainted under the Eiffel Tower is just something we laugh about, in addition to ensuring I have enough water. I might have been dehydrated, but I could still take pictures!

After all that adventure we hopped on the Metro and went out to Versailles to see the Palace.

This was a hot hot hot day and we came prepared with lots of water!

I could have spent all day walking around here, it was so beautiful and there were so many amazing sculptures and flowers. I bet I hardly saw everything, but what I did see was beautiful.

Our next full day adventure was at the Louvre. We spent all day there and I still left feeling like I hadn’t seen everything I really wanted to see. Here are some of the beauties we did see though.

The back of the Venus de Milo turned out to be one of my favourite shots that day. No one was really crowding the back so I got to spend a lot of time there without people trying to get in front of me.

We got into the room with the Mona Lisa but we couldn’t get more than half way into the room so I had to work my zoom and standing on my tip toes to get this shot.

Amor et Psyche by Canova was breathtaking! We kept coming back to get more pictures. I saw this sculpture and fell in love with it.

And so ends our trip back to Paris, I hope you enjoyed our pictures! I must say that this has to be one of my favourite trips ever and I cannot wait until PB and I save some more money and find another place to visit.


In other news, PB and I went out for a run yesterday because it was so pretty and warm out. Of course this was his first run outside in quite awhile. I was all ready to run about 3-4 miles when he turns to me and says “I want to run 6 miles, that sound good?” I was ok with it, I was just hoping that any nagging injuries he had wouldn’t stop him from feeling good on the run. Turns out they didn’t really, we ran a lot and walked a little and stretched some. We ran strong and had an amazing time.

I love running by myself, but sometimes I love running with PB because he pushes me just that little bit more than I would if I were running alone. Of course what I love even more is that if I want to run slower than he is he doesn’t make me feel like I need to run at his speed and sometimes he tells me that he was happy I wanted to run slower because that was how he was feeling and he didn’t want to say it. How cute?!

I am currently enjoying my 4 days off before I go back for second semester (well day 1 is over, and we are right in the middle, well closer to the end, of day 2). Tomorrow I am going shopping for some professional clothes for my placement and for something else that might come my way (*knock on wood*). I’ll let you know as soon as I know!

Happy Traveling and Happy Running!

Flashback: Running Around Vancouver

Back in the fall of 2007 my Dad and I took my brother, Chris, to school in Nanaimo BC. While we were out there I took every opportunity I had to run, I found it much more pleasant running in BC than in Ontario in September. I took a lot of pictures and I wanted to share a few with you!

This is what I saw when I was just getting onto the Loins Gate Bridge. It was a very busy place to run but at the same time it was so beautiful that I barely noticed the cars. Just in case you were wondering…yes I did stay on my side, but at the same time I don’t remember any bikers so I was good!

On the bridge they have little look out points and that is where I took this picture from. It was unbelievably breathtaking and I know I want to go back out west some day soon!

Of course I tried to take some pictures of myself, but of course any picture I take when I’m out running is never all that flattering, but at least there are beautiful backgrounds.

The one thing I loved about my runs out west was that wherever I ran it was always green and rarely felt like I was running in a big city.

I just wanted to share some pictures of other places I have run! Once it starts looking remotely nice here (which it is starting to do) I will go for a run with my camera and show you guys what it is like where I live.

I have (re)discovered that I am not a fan of Day Light Savings time, I would have to say the springing ahead is the one I do not like (I’m all for falling back!). I had a hard time falling asleep, I think that it was stress mixed with trying to get to bed so I could get up early today. Regardless of the restless sleep I feel rested and had an awesome, short, run this morning. I’ve got the 5k running group at Lululemon this evening so I wasn’t going to do anything crazy, I just ended up splitting today’s normal distance up.

I have found a way to not stress about school, just schedule homework in every open moment you have:

I love how you can’t see any/all of my scheduled running and yoga because it has to be so early in the morning (5:30-6:30am) so I can have time to do homework after school.

Do you love iCal or Google calender as much as I do? Clearly I love iCal the most, I have been using it the longest so I just stick with it. I feel like if I plan my homework then I have to do it in that time. Of course I foresee a lot of that homework spilling into the night I just thought that if I only scheduled it until 6:30pm then I could have a break for dinner, haha!!

Happy Running!

Yoga Meltdown

Jillian Michaels is wicked! I have said it before and I will probably spend my whole life saying that her workout videos kick my butt every time! I love her 30 Day Shred but sometimes that is just not what I need at the end of a busy day. Enter Yoga Meltdown….

Here are some shots that I found on Amazon.

Locust pose, eventually Jillian wants you to fold in half….”not really”, she says, but when she says something I think she kind of means it. [Source]

Side T-Planks, you start in Plank and move from side to side doing a T-Plank, and then you hold it. I remember doing a variation of these when I did Angela’s Whittle My Middle II challenge. [Source]

So what did I think? I loved this yoga workout! I did the workout at 8pm on Sunday night, I had half an hour to kill before the Oscars started and this seemed more exciting than doing homework or eating when I wasn’t hungry. I didn’t really know what to expect because 30 Day Shred is intense, and so is Jillian Michaels.

I was so happy with what was in the workout. There is a warm up of mountain pose and moving your arms, and some light chair poses while moving your arms. (I’m sorry if I don’t remember everything, because I know I won’t). Then you have about 25-30 minutes of kick butt yoga. It’s like 30 Day Shred in that she has about 3 sets with different moves within that so you do one chuck of poses and then you move on. There are a few things she always comes back to: a speedy sun salutation (it increases in speed over the course of the workout) and mountain pose.

This video was great because sometimes I want to have my butt kicked and at the same time I wouldn’t mind getting in some Downward Dog to stretch out my hamstrings. Of course I could just do another video and then do some Downward Dog after, but I liked how everything was mixed together!

Moving on to today…I’m looking forward to this evening!! Why?? Because I’m going to Lululemon at 5pm for their Run Lulu Run group! I love running alone, but sometimes I just want to run with others and have some fun while doing so!

Other than that it is all school work and studying. The teachers said that after reading week they start to pile on the work. Well we will see how this week goes, I know I have to write up my informational interview for my writing class, there is always computer class (Work and Excel) chapter work, I have an office procedures test next week (oh and I still have one little internet search assignment to do, yes you read that right, heehee!), and I should probably get reading accounting, doing the exercises would probably help too. Ok so that looks like a lot but I have it covered!

Happy Running!

Study While You Run?

Visions of accounting were bouncing through my head on my run this morning. That can only be because I have an accounting test on Wednesday and I have to say that I didn’t spend enough time studying for it over the weekend, and I even had Family Day off. I guess I felt bad and because of that all I could think about were debits, credits, and what goes in an Income Statement.

Normally my thoughts are all over the place, but today it was mostly accounting. I listened to a podcast on my run and I am normally so engaged in what the person has to say and I take everything in. Today I realized that I can easily tune out the other person’s voice and do my own thing (no offence to the podcast, I love it dearly, but I have a test coming up!). I think it is differnet when I listen to music because my thoughts will be influenced by the music I listen to, or I will be thinking about something and start singing the song and forget what I was thinking about. Oh the things your brain can do when you are running!

This morning’s run was 6 miles and it was wonderful! I was having one of those moments around mile 5 where I was thinking that it would be nice to stop and start getting ready for school, but out of nowhere something came over me and I just wanted to keep running! Does that ever happen to anyone? It doesn’t happen to me all the time so I decided to roll with it and keep moving forward! It is getting so nice out so I want to take advantage of the weather in case it decides to start snowing buckets.

This is not what I look like when I run, there are no coloured lines behind me and it isn’t that nice out yet. [Source]

You might be asking “why is this blog called Happy (Running) Thoughts?” Here is my reason…I love running, and I love talking about running and what I think about while I am running. At the same time I think about a lot of other things and do a lot of other things on a daily basis. I cook, read, go to school, find ways to balance school work and play, bike, laugh, spend time with people I love, walk, bake, do yoga, have happy thoughts and SO much more! I want to share all my Happy Thoughts with everyone!

What do you find yourself thinking about the most during a run?

In all honesty the majority of my thoughts are on the run and the music or podcast I am listening to. I also plan my day, make to do lists, think about groceries, drool over a recipe I saw on a blog and think about what I need to do to make it, and I think about how to catch up with my boyfriend because he is so far ahead of me!

Happy Running!